A friend told me years ago that love is born out of longing. At the time, I only grasped those words conceptually. (I’ve since experienced their torturous truth.) Have you ever longed for someone? TRULY longed for someone with an agonizing, unfulfilled yearning? If you have, you understand how someone’s absence can actually feel more powerful than their presence. (Maybe you’re missing a friend you secretly wished could be something more but never will? A should-be significant other separated only by distance? A relationship ripped apart by irreversible circumstance? A loved one who’s already left this world without you?)

Regardless of personal circumstance, true longing is a vexing ache…that lingers. And California’s dream folk duo Black Match (Hannah Kenny + Ian Kizanis) pay their highest respects to this unshakable emotion in their newly released single “Nowhere,” available for download and streaming worldwide. The flawless vocal and instrumental delivery of this track authentically captures how it feels to lose someone you can’t bear to. How entrapping yourself in a revolving reflective state prevents you from moving on, a curse worse than time stopping altogether. (It may sound bleak, but the first sound of the song’s tender strings will soothe you. There’s a sweetness concealed in the mourning, which shines through each time the duo’s arresting voices meet—echoes of the past where their love lives on without them. You can’t help but wonder if it’s possible for the two to reunite…)

Truth: I feel like I need to put a warning on this one. It’s not for the faint of heart. “Nowhere” wields the potential to conjure thoughts and memories (*think* exes past + unrequited loves) with an unforgiving, addictive rush that could temporarily shatter your resolve and send you into a tailspin if you’re not prepared. Therefore, I kindly request you do take a moment or two to prepare yourself for one of the best indie releases of this year. (Listen when ready.)

Lyrics-wise, “Nowhere” is brilliantly laced. Kenny and Kizanis command a mastery of songwriting and emotional understanding, and it shows. Here’s a few of my most-loved lines:

“I crave you in the dark, but you’re not there,
Taking sips of memories of when you cared,
All I see is you painted next to me, but you’re nowhere”

“Addicted to your hands that used to comfort me,
I need their warmth again,
But you had to leave”

Though I’m certainly itching to hear Black Match’s soon-to-be-released debut album, I’m currently content listening to this riveting, repeat-worthy track and sharing it with all of you. I’ll even leave you with a little message from the dream folk duo themselves:

“Raw and honest songwriting is most important to us – in a world that is often exploitative and shallow with its words, our goal with this music is to write with real emotion and poetic honesty.” Hannah & Ian


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Photo by Richard Fusillo