Ivy Cayden lives on the rugged, pinetree-lined Central Coast of California. Years ago, on her first visit to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, she fell in love with the tall trees in Felton and returns whenever she gets the chance.

A vegan for over a decade, Ivy is passionate about supporting small businesses and all things indie—especially music.

In addition to writing the CHORDUROYS AND TOO MANY BOYS™ series, she founded and manages the indie music blog My Multi-Track Mind, where she interviews rising musicians, covers new releases, and posts moody playlists.

My Multi-Track Mind celebrates indie music through mini features, full-length interviews, + seasonal playlists. Listening links accompany all entries, so you can hear the new releases you’re reading about.

Every full-length interview also includes an exclusive MMM Artist Spotify® playlist (with the artist’s featured songs + the songs that artist is currently vibin’ on).

All content is presented in a raw, organic format with no paraphrasing—exact responses from contributors with no compromise.

When you
breathe in Music,
dream in Music,
speak in Music,
the sound colors
the canvas of your life.
Welcome to My Multi-Track Mind.

Great music deserves grateful company. My Multi-Track Mind welcomes your feedback. In our commitment to spread only positive vibes, and in our efforts to support MMM featured artists, derogatory and defamatory social media comments are prohibited and will be deleted.

Praise for Ivy’s 1st book,

Everything All At Once:

“Buy this book. Download the playlist, and settle in for a literary adventure unlike any you have ever known.”
Goodreads Review


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