Indie alternative singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Indian Run somehow manages to churn out playlist-perfect tracks EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. And “I Hope You Never Call” is certainly no exception. In fact, I daresay it’s our favorite to date. Here’s why: aside from Indian Run’s always present lush vocals, layered sounds, and eloquent lyrics, there’s both a timelessness and an uncertainty to this newest track. And I love it. (Listen now.)

The song opens with some spellbinding strings, and you soon afterwards hear the lyrics, “Simmer down, Simmer down, Medallion around your neck, I lift you up and put you down, I hope you never call.” Now, I don’t know about you, but when I hear the majority of new releases, I tend to imagine the song’s storyline set in present day. (Not this one.) I’m not sure if it’s the use of the word ‘medallion’ or the general buoyancy Indian Run’s flawless blend of sounds and words creates, but every time I listen, (which has been quite frequent – I’m even listening now), a new setting unfolds in my mind. First, it was the Middle Ages. (Think hammered medallion; cushy layers of velvet; and wax sealed letters.) Another time, it was futuristic. (Think recycled glass medallion; bold, color blocked track jackets; and holographic phone calls.) See what I mean about the timeless factor?

Right afterwards, we’re hit with the lyrics, “Do what you want to me, I’ve got nowhere to be, because I hope that you see what you’re doing to me.” From the song’s title, one might assume that the affair in question is over; or, at best, quickly coming to a close. I’m not so convinced, though. These lyrics make me think that the circular nature of the song might actually mimic the circular nature of our feelings. There’s a certain push and pull linked with like, love, and everything in between. (Is this relationship *really* over, or is this song simply depicting a specific midpoint in a much larger, long-lasting relationship?) One mark of a great writer is leaving some of the details out, so that we can imagine the missing pieces in our own ways. For me, the dreamy ending to the track says it all. What do you think?


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